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Specialists in family law and inheritance law.

SILK Lawyers & Mediators is a boutique firm and focuses entirely on family and inheritance law. This means that you can consult us on all matters related to cohabitation, marriage, divorce, contracts pertaining to the care of your children, alimony and the consequences of the death of family members or other loved ones.

The focus of our firm is on more complex cases with mostly clients who are independent practitioners, entrepreneurs and expats.

SILK is based in Amsterdam and consists of specialized lawyers, almost all of whom are also mediators.

Expertise you can build on
Issues concerning family law and inheritance law could have a severe impact on your life. What can you do and where should you begin? With our knowledge and experience, we can help you obtain a clear perspective on your situation and how to deal with it. 

Our lawyers are members of the professional legal association, Vereniging voor Familie- en Erfrecht Advocaten en Scheidingsmediators (vFAS). This offers you the assurance that we have the required knowledge and proper qualifications to be able to assist you.

SILK. Expert, reliable & accessible.

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Coen van den End

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Margreet Ruijgrok

Experienced, practical and genuinely interested in the wellbeing of the client. Contact

Sabrina de Jong

Energetic lawyer who enjoys working together with clients. Involved, structured and resolute. Contact
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Our lawyers

“A Silk lawyer is the colloquial name given to a Queen’s Counsel who is selected due to their knowledge, experience and skill.”


Family law

Family law is a multifaceted aspect of the law. It covers areas such as divorce, parental care and care arrangements, distribution of matrimonial property, settlement of prenuptial agreements and alimony. The lawyers at SILK are specialists in this field.

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Inheritance law

The provisions of inheritance law becomes applicable at the time of death. In short, inheritance law determines how the estate of the deceased is to be settled. It is obviously important, in this context, to determine whether the deceased has left a will for the settlement of his or her estate.

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In mediation, you and your ex-partner will enter into a dialogue under the guidance of a mediator. The mediator will guide the discussion to ensure a constructive exchange. In addition, the mediator will provide both parties with information on how to approach any given component of the dispute from a legal perspective. You will receive expert advice on your position and will jointly map out each other’s interests. The purpose of mediation is to find a mutual solution for the conflict in such a way that both parties feel heard and their interests are warranted. Mediation plays a major role in the settlement of most divorces these days.

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