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Collaborative divorce

The most important difference between collaborative divorce and normal divorce mediation is that, in collaborative divorce, both parties are counselled by their own lawyers, who are also mediators. The lawyers must keep the interests of both parties in mind in order to guarantee a balance during the course of the negotiations.

Multidisciplinary approach

Another difference is that a collaborative divorce is based on a multidisciplinary approach. This entails that you and your ex-partner, along with your lawyers, jointly create a team to counsel you for the most favourable outcome. This team will always include a coach with a psychological background, who will lead the process, and the team will also be reinforced with other types of experts, including childcare and financial experts.

Extra-judicial procedures

The similarity with mediation is that, in this procedure, the aim is to arrive at an amicable agreement without judicial intervention. The agreements are ultimately recorded in a divorce agreement and, if children are involved, a parenting plan.

In our experience, divorces settled with this form of mediation usually result in tenable and durable agreements because both partners received professional legal, psychological and financial counsel during the course of the procedure. The lawyers at SILK are able to assist you in finding the most appropriate solution.

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