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Family law

Tutelage, administration/ guardianship and mentorship

One of the consequences of our aging society is that a growing number of people are no longer capable of adequately caring for themselves. This could be due to sickness like dementia. It opens up a variety of opportunities for abuse. On the other hand, the person in question may be prone to self-harm and be a danger to others. To prevent this and to protect the person in question, the court may appoint someone as the person’s advocate. This is often a trustworthy family member.


The purpose of tutelage is to protect or represent an adult who is no longer capable of adequately managing their own affairs due to mental incapacity or for other reasons. This covers both property and non-ownership interests, such as (mental) health.


Administration or guardianship is a less comprehensive measure aimed at the management of the property interests of an adult. The purpose of mentorship, on the other hand, is to protect the non-ownership interests of an adult.


The purpose of mentorship is to protect someone who is not adequately capable of making decisions about their personal care, nursing, treatment and supervision. This concerns non-financial matters.

We will counsel and advise you in making the right choices to protect your family member or next of kin. Mediation could also be a suitable means of aligning family members on important issues.

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