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Inheritance law

Division of the estate

Once the estate has been inventoried and all debts and obligations have been fulfilled, the estate will be ready for division. Before receiving your actual inheritance, all the heirs first need to agree on the way in which the estate is to be divided. 

Deed of Distribution

Have you all agreed on how the estate is to be divided? If so, you can start the actual distribution. The notary public can draw up a deed of distribution, after which the estate can be distributed amongst the heirs in the manner specified in the deed. 

Determination of distribution by the court

If you are unable to come to a mutual agreement on the distribution of the estate, you can appeal to the court to determine the distribution. You are bound to engage a lawyer to advise you in this procedure. 

Are you and your fellow heirs unable to agree on the distribution of the estate?

We have a lot of experience in distribution issues and can assist you in this. We also have extensive experience in conducting distribution procedures in court. The inheritance law specialists at SILK are ready to assist you.

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